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"From talented director John Bowker
comes this refreshing ghost story..."
Cult movies

"The Evilmaker comes off with a truly frightening edge.
Bowker makes a well thought out, striking film.."
Read full review at: b-independent.com

"This is a fun late night movie.." Chaotic Order

"Ambitious low to no budget effort that strikes cords
most small budget offerings don't try to hit.."
Read full review at: Arrow In The Head

"Features sexy Scream Queen Stephanie Beaton
of WITCHCRAFT fame in the lead role,
and is sure to please any classic horror fan.."
Random Stuff

"Terror treat that delivers the goods
as we get down and dirty into the dark for a killer ride!"
Read full review at Planet Thrae

"We have a film here that shuts down much of
it's bigger budget competition
that clutters up the video shelves.."
Read full review at Video Crypt

"This is one damn fine low budget flick.
The story is littered with twists that will
keep you guessing as to what the Christ is going on."
Read full review at Askew reviews.

Promo Photos from the set of :
The Evilmaker

a sexy pose...
behind the camera...
a sexy pose...

behind the scenes...
makeup man and victims...

directing a struggle...

a sultry look...

rehearsing on set...

a lighter moment...

special effects...
nearly nude...
blood blood blood...

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