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12-20-2001 : Nearly there...
lotta updates today. Added 4 interviews and 5 filmographies to the cast page,
which has been redone to reflect both Evilmaker movies.
Also added 2 special reports from John Bowker about making both of the movies.
Lastly, Added eighteen A:E2 screencaps to the pics page.

Wow, sum it up like that and it doesn't seem like much...
But go check it out!

12-06-2001 : Site tweaks...
Added an interview with Dori to the cast&crew section.
Fixed some links and small details here and there...
(click the evilmaker logo atop each page to return to the index)
And i even took the time to throw in 2 secret pages... Happy hunting!

12-05-2001 : E2-TheAbomination Wraps
Yup, we shot the final scenes for Evilmaker 2 last weekend.
The cast and crew had a great time,
and we're all excited to see this one put together!

Also, in case ya hadn't noticed, the site is reaching
it's final stage/look. hope you like!

In other news, Evilmaker's Blockbuster release
has been pushed back again, for 3rd box redesign.
Grumble whine. But we've still got our finger's crossed
that i'll make it out in the next few months!

Check back later this week, for more updates to the site
(ie, working links in the promo section, a working front
page graphic link for the news, cast and crew interviews,
and hopefully a diary (tutorial?) of The Evilmaker
shooting experience from John Bowker (and or crew/friends).

9-17-2001 : Aftershocks
Well, taping for evilmaker2 went well
and is now on hold till November.

Rob sent me his digital pics,
so i went ahead and threw them
up in the pictures section.
Plan to have all the pics i've
gathered posted by the end of the week.
Evilmaker crew, please send me any
comments/explanation about/for the pics.

9-14-2001 : Call Sheet
Just in case you haven't checked your
email in a while, or have a fanatical
obsession with the details of the shoot,
here is the call sheet that John sent
out for this weekend's shoot.

9-13-2001 : Here we go again
Well, here we go. Tomorrow begins
a 3 day weekend of shooting for
The Abomination: Evilmaker2.

Looks like i'll be shooting my scenes
Saturday and Sunday. i'm excited.
"A little bit terrified maybe" (Ewan McGregor
- Shallow Grave
), but excited.

Also, several people have mentioned that
the graphics on this sight have little
to do with the original evilmaker.
Too many clocks, not enough bloody
handprint smears or something.
I agree. i guess... (but clocks is cool...)
Plan to redo the simple nav graphics to include a
pic of all three actresses in front
of the house, instead of the big fat clock.

And then in a month or two redo the site again
once we know what the video/dvd release will
look like.... sigh... so, patience please.

8-27-2001 : This Just In!
John Writes:
    Just got word tonight that
    the release date for
    The Evilmaker in Blockbuster
    is October 24th on video and DVD.
    Just in time for Halloween! Awesome!
Great news! Be excited!

8-25-2001 : Shooting schedule
Ahoy actors. We'll be shooting more scenes for
The Abomination : Evilmaker 2 September 14, 15 and 16
(friday saturday sunday). If you need a map, email me,
If you need to know which scenes we're shooting, email John

8-13-2001 : Site goes live
Figured the best way to motivate myself
to make progress was to make the site live.
If you've stumbled across these pages i'd
encourage you to give me feedback.
Any kind of feedback.
Note: media section has a lot of content
on the way. no really.

8-11-2001 : Attack of the Drones
Decided the website was too ambitious
as i originally planned it. Sooo,
switching to plan B : Get it up and
fix it later.

7-14-2001 : Goin Back to Cali
Had to make some quick cash, so i
skipped out on this site for a week.
Then i got this guilty feeling, so
here i am staying up late to throw
some poop up for ya. some of the
graphics are looking neato sweeto.
most are blah. but. more later.
(specifically, more the first week of
august when i get back from california).
note: the cartoons of the "victims" need
to be redone. poopy. and all the pages
need a graphic for the title
instead of the poopy tiny text.
And nosy web surfers take note,
the first easter egg is up!
somewhere on the site...

7-9-2001 : Beginning
...work finally begins on this website.
note to self: put map up here
for next shoot.

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