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Collected Articles

ECTís revolutionary Human-Computer Interface technology has generated quite a bit of media attention and excitement. Here are several articles which offer a more personal look into our company, explaining our drive and background.
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    MSNBC NewsFront Coverage "Afraid of Mice?"
      REALVIDEO FILE March, 2001
      Our first national news feed, this file is about 2 minutes long and 3.03 MB. In it Mike Vial demonstrates dwell clicking, discusses carpal tunnel syndrome, and squashes the myth of neck strain.

    $99 Device Allows Head Control of Computer
      Ride For Life March 15, 2001
      Our First article about the NaturalPoint™ trackIR™ device,
      complete with a positive review by Bob Cauttero!

    Innovators and Educators: The Eyes Have It
    Lower-Cost Device Controls Computer with Eye Movements
      Ride For Life
      Dialogue between a reporter and Luke Marsh, who uses the computer-based head tracking system. Also includes an interview with President Jim Richardson and a brief company history.

    Medical Breakthroughs
    Eye Controlled Computers
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