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Because ECT understands the importance of first-person interaction with consumers, journalists, and fellow technology industry professionals, we plan to attend several high profile conventions and technology shows in 2001.

MAY 17-19
We definitely will be attending the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo(E3), in LA next month!

We will be sharing a 10'x20' booth (if not outright dominating it), and will have fully functioning trackIR™s set up for you to experience and toy with.

More information will be posted here as the event draws closer.

MARCH 22-24
ECT representatives Mike Vial and Jim Richardson attended CSUN 2001, the world's largest trade show geared towards technology for people with disabilities. Apparently our unbelievably priced trackIR™ was considered a highlight of the show, and met with resounding success! Our reps didn't have time to snap off any pictures, because they were too busy fighting off the masses and running out of flyers.

CSUN was held at the LAX Marriott and Hilton hotels March 22-24, and we were in the Hilton, booth 117.

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