Available Games
We will amptgard on Saturday (which is medieval fighting),
and offer an Anime area and networked computers area.
There will be concessions sold, and door prizes galore.
    Specific games we will provide :
    • Adventure
    • Exalted
    • Diplomacy
    • Dr. Who Trinity
    • DragonballZ
    • Dungeons and Dragons (3rd edition)
    • Evo
    • Groo
    • Hack
    • Hackmaster
    • Legend of the Five Rings
      (Live Action and Collectible card game)
    • Lord of the Rings
      (Board games and Card games)
    • Mage Knight
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Monsters ravage America
    • Orcs at the Gate
    • Pokemon
    • Pinball tourney
    • Scarred Lands
    • Star Trek Card Game
    • Twilight Imperium
    • Werewolf
    • Wheel of Time Rpg
    • X-files card game
More games may be added as the convention draws near, so check back!

Dealer tables are available: $30 for one or two for $50.

Call 1.541.752.6757 if you have any questions, would like to book in advance, or sign up to run an event.

Matt's Cavalcade of Comics
...presents the annual Corvallis gaming convention, and is Oregon's number one spot for renting and buying Anime videos! We have a large line of gaming supplies and books, as well as a wide variety of card games (such as Pokemon and Magic). We offer a full selection of comic titles every month as well as over 75,000 back issues from the Golden, Silver, Bronze age to the present for our customers to peruse.