warrenEBB's treasure hunting
Growing_Up by PeterGabriel - Import Single Spin_This - CompilationCD with nin remix of N.E.R.D.s song Lapdance Cuckoo - CD by Curve with nin produced song MissingLink
SymphonyOfDestruction - CD Single by Megadeth with reznor gristle remix The Wooden Song - PromoEP by the ButtholeSurfers DreamON - CD Single by 12Rounds with many remixes... i may already have this ... um... i think i just have the record... weird
CthulhuStatue - by Stephen Hickman - now out of print... the best of the cthulhu statues IMHO LurkerInTheLobby - Compilation videos of hp lovecraft fan film shorts... can't get these guys to return my email