Social Suicide

A party rages in the living room. tons of teens and twenty somethings are

dressed to kill and slinging the drinks.

A beautiful woman in a red dress, MEDUSA, stands in the kitchen. a pile of

4-10 well dressed young men lie dead around her. A bunch of half empty

cups sit around her as well, catching the light like devotional candles.

She swishes her drink and looks slyly for her next victim.

PETER sits quietly at a darkened counter, quietly hating everyone, and

nursing a small glass of party drink (a small clear plastic cup, with a

small stirring straw sticking out of it). He is watching MEDUSA's


A wholesome nerd, CARL, approaches MEDUSA from off camera (a third room).

She turns to smile his way. He sets down his drink.


        Beautiful dress you got there, honey.

Carl looks her up and down, smiling good naturedly at her curves.


        Filthy mind you got there, Carl.

CARL drops dead at MEDUSA's feet. The party goers cheer. She gulps the

rest of her drink and picks up one sitting nearby. She surveys the crowd.

PETER is now totally focused on her, she smiles at him knowingly.

GEORGE dances his way up to her from the living room. He is obviously very



        Hey there, my name is george.


        Hi, george. I'm Medusa.


        Excellent name. Excellent. 

	How long have you been a party goer, Meddy?


        Longer than you've been a drunken idiot, Georgie.

George drops dead. The party goers cheer. MEDUSA smiles, bobs her head to

the music, and takes a sip of her drink. She surveys the crowd for her

next victim.

PETER flicks the straw in his cup to the far side of the glass, and stands

up. He takes his drink with him as he approaches MEDUSA.


        You're dangerous.


        You're young.


        I keep wondering what you want to hear from these poor guys.


        Maybe I want to hear something dangerous.


        Well I'm game, you want to listen to me?

MEDUSA considers PETER for the first time. There is something strange

about him. She swallows her drink.


        If you'll get me another drink.


        Maybe you've had too many, Miss Medusa. I don't worship you.

        Or admire you. Neither do any of these pathetic people.

        You look great. You talk well.

        But i just don't see what makes you so drop dead desirable.


        You said it, Peter. Danger.

Peter doesn't get it. He squishes his face up in disapprovement and

glances to the side while he takes a sip of his drink.

MEDUSA leans in close to PETER, and whispers.


        Sweetie, being the object of everyone's attention is

        the most dangerous place in the world. It never lasts.

MEDUSA drops dead at PETER's feet. He is a slightly shocked.

He wheels around to look back at the party goers, but stands his ground

amidst the pile of corpses. He is the new party medusa. (let it settle in

for a moment)

A good looking girl flicks her straw to the far side of her glass and

stands up. She approaches PETER.



-I'd recommend shooting some footage of a party ahead of time, with the

actor who'll play GEORGE there to dance out of a shot (for continuity).

Then shoot the rest of the skit in reverse angle, so you can cut in party

footage when you need to.

-I'd recommend special attention to lighting when doing the reverse angles.

Does the light jump and flicker as it passes dancing bodies?

-I'd love it if the victims turned to stone before they died, but i figured

that be too much to specify/ask for in the script. :)