I've Been Mocked Enough


Once upon a time, in a prosperous, peaceful town named Yukonville, a man

namd Tex Reeves came with his evil clan of brothers, cousins and


Tex Reeves was a evil man and he had a evil plan.  He had a deadly twin colt

45, the fastest draw the west of Mississippi, and the "Blue Sea" - an orb

with magical power.  With the blue sea on his hands Tex was unstoppable.  He

couldn't feel pain, he was invincible to the bullets, and he had the

super-human strength.  But the worst of all, he was able to summon the Blue

Sea Eagle - a mystical beast that would do whatever the possessor of the

Blue Sea Orb would command.

Tex and his clan raped and pillaged the entire town.  They made the men

their slaves, the women their whores, the children their food.

Just when it all seemed hopeless for Yukonville, a man strolled into town. A

man on a mission, to wipe away the evil of Tex and the clan.  The man had no

name, had no guns, had no fear.  Nevertheless, he did have a magical

crystal - The Red Vine.

On that fateful day, the battle between the good and the evil took place in

Yukonville, between the Tex clan and the man with no name. Tex and his

ten-man clan was tough and ready, but they were no match for the man with no

name, who summoned ten-thousand fire-breathing dragons with the red vine.

Tex and his man where decapitated, their body torn to shreads, and burnt.

It was a glorious day for Yukonville.  The man with no name defeated Tex

Reeves and reclaimed Yukonville from the darkness, giving it back to the

hands of the slaves and the whores.