Synopsis:  monologue taken from the end of a short story in which the

protagonist is charged for a crime that is a crime in words, but not in

spirit.  the monologue is spoken admidst flashbacks from prison, life, and

feelings in an effort to gain insight into his dispair.

Shot: face of protagonist fills screen, mouth does not move throughout


"i don't know where to begin.  there really is no beginning.  well, none

that i can recollect.  life is funny that way, you know.  you rarely

remember the beginning - just the middle - and of course the end."

Shot: jump cut to either a monochrome or b/w slowmotion flashback of a

couple walking in the park

Shot: fade into repeat of first shot.

"i have lived.  let's just leave it at that.  i have done many things.

i'm not proud,  but i'm not regretful either.

Shot: jump cut to flashback of fight/murder.

Shot: fade back into repeat of first shot.

"there are no excuses for our actions - but yet there is no blame.  is a

dog culpable for its hunt?"

Shot: jump cut to flashback of a kiss.

Shot: -guess what - another fade into repeat of first shot.

"for every right there is a wrong.  for every black, a white."

Shot: jump cut to flashback to trial/gavel being dropped onto table.

Shot: back to first shot - begin very slow zoom out - not showing more

than shoulders of protagonist - as protagonist's shoulders are naked.

"but what happens when you're judged for your right's and not your


Shot: jump cut to two overlayed flashbacks, the fight and a kiss.

Shot: back to slow zoom out of protagonist - showing no lower than


"to allow ourselves to be judged by our peers is to allow ourselves to be


Shot: jump cut again to flashback of a crucifix.

Shot: back to slow zoom - going no further than belly button.

"the wolves of justice are borne by the legs of repression."

Shot: flashback to body dropping from gallows.

hold that shot with voice over.

"there are no excuses for our actions."

Shot: fade into protagonist full body, naked, on a slab in a morgue, being

prepared to be eviscerated.

"but yet ther is no blame"

Shot: fade to black, with the sound of a blade cutting through the flesh

of the chest and seperating.

Shot: fade into protagonist, with chest open.

sounds of dogs barking.