HUNTED Written By: Kerry O’Shea Gorgone of Seven Sisters Films

Opening shot shows the door to an office kitchen, lighted by fluorescent lights.  All is quiet.

Pan to a wall clock, showing one minute before twelve.  As we watch, the time turns to 12:00 p.m. 

Suddenly, we hear a rising, slow-motion stampede.  

Slow-motion shot showing Approximately a half-dozen people, dressed in business-casual attire, 

converge upon the kitchen at top speed, forcing their way through the door.

Cut to Interior Kitchen. 

POV shot, revealing the object of the stampede’s desire: the last Twinkie, sitting on the kitchen table.

Close shot from behind the dining table.  

The camera is close to the table’s surface, making the Twinkie look larger than it is.  

Still in slow-motion, the shot shows each of the office workers going all out in an attempt

to snag the solitary Twinkie for himself (or herself).

Suddenly, from off-camera to the side, a small child snatches up the Twinkie, squeezing it so hard 

that it squooshes, turning the treat into a mushy mess inside a transparent plastic wrapper.

The workers, with much effort, come to a screeching halt.  End slow-mo.

They stare at the kid.

KID: Cuppie cake?

Cut to the workers.  Some look resigned and shuffle out, others look miffed. 

One man, HUNT, looks like he’s about to have an aneurism.  

Rage causes his face to turn red.

HUNT:  Alright, hand over that Twinkie, YOU LITTLE RAT BASTARD!

KID cries.

Everyone is shocked.  Most people leave.  

The few remaining run quickly out of the kitchen at the sight of an important-looking woman 

clad in a smart business suit.  It’s THE BOSS.  She enters.

BOSS:  Hunt, I see you’ve met Junior.  Junior, this is Mr. Hunt.  Mr. Hunt was just leaving. 

Mr. Hunt is now fired for his inability to share with those under the age of 12 

and for his obvious failure to appreciate the benefit of on-site daycare.

KID laughs.  Runs to BOSS and, on the way, hands HUNT the Twinkie remnants.

HUNT stands, stupefied, for a moment.  He blinks.  In his daze, he looks down at the squooshy Twinkie. 

A smile spreads across his face.  

He gives BOSS and KID a wave, turns on his heel, and struts out of the room, grabbing a straw on his way out.

After he’s gone, BOSS smiles down at KID, who’s beaming up at her.  

BOSS reaches over kid’s head and opens a cabinet to reveal an unopened box of Twinkies.

KID:  Cuppie-cakes!