Hands meet.
Camera pulls back to reveal warren and alan

alan rolls his wrist and grabs warren hand
with his free fist, alan jab at warren who retreats.

Warren continues retreat into a roundhouse backhand.
alan lets go of hand and ducks.

both strike their poses.

an action figure replaces alan
and he does a spinning floating kick thing.

warren hesitates in shock
Bared lady mannequin legs come into frame and nail him

ants fight in closeup

alan charges, flailing

warren charges, flailing

Alan and warren are flailing so wildly
they totally miss each other.

alan punches a dog in fury.

warren finds and apple and throws it

alan destroys the apple. then contains his anger
(which causes a tiger spirit to appear around him)

the moon eclipses the sun

a fiery pupil of rage eclipses alan's pupil

it becomes nighttime, and lightening strikes
rain falls as the boys strike their poses.

alan quickly grabs warren's hand
and knees him in the stomach

close up, we see warren's belly burst like a pinata
Candy spills out and light grows from background.

It is daytime again.
alan chops the back of warren's kneck wickedly.