JEDI 6 : space ship special FX sequence.

ship drops froom hyperspace (with ring?)
and camera pans left to planet that ship is approaching.
Large moons are visibly orbiting

(camera pushes in)
alan and jeff are in cockpit fighting over controls.
they comment on how cramped they are,
and how they are steaming up the dome.

(camera pulls out)
Hands come into shot from random angles.
as they discuss where the fortress is and where to land.

Gerald and Reefe are sure of themselves. confident. happy.

(cut to imperials discussing the ship)

(camera wobbles around?)
imperials talk over shot, as they track the ship.
"They left their intercomm on, sir. heheheh."
(gerald and reefe babble away in background)
A large moon rolls into shot.

(cut to imperials ordering the use of ultimate weapon)

gun warms up.
(camera pushes in ever so slightly)

gerald and reefe argue about steering.
and the large moon that they're about to crash into.

gun blasts abruptly/HUGELY
(and is extremely close up)

moon blows up awesomely.
the ship spins around roughly.

gerald and reefe freak out. (camera spins?)
reefe orders gerald to "fire all missles!"
"at what?!?!?"
"Just fire! FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!"

Missiles fly off in all directions,
as the ship drops armor and wheels around,
amidst chunks of moon. (total chaos)

super gun abruptly fires again
(no buildup this time)
(hard audio cut as well?)

front of ship blows off.
(some line about "we lost r2" ...?)
(or just cue screaming, keep it quick?)

the boys scream as they tumble into the atmosphere.

(cut to imperials berating gunner for missing)

the ship crashes smokily behind some mountain.

(continue imperial's side of scene)