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Karate Pate 2
The Wrath of Krack

Concept Commentary
9-16-01 : well back in 99 i was graduating, and thought it'd be cool to make my last movie (with alan at kbvrtv) a sequel to my first. So i wrote up a script in the style of Desperado (rethinking/reinterpretting/heavily-ripping-off the original). I was hanging out a lot with jonason at the time, both of us puking weird art video on whoever watched our tv shows ("Warren Blyth's FUNERAL", and "Art of War" respectively), so we discussed the story, and he ended up writing the majority of the dialogue. Then Alan, Jack, myself, and paul and clarissa headed up to portland during the summer to shoot alan wandering around and witnessing weird shit. Got a ton of wierd shit (mostly thanks to some fair that was going, and the luck of the burnside bridge being raised). And that was the last footage we shot for about year.

What happened to the story?

Well, I sat down and wrote out a scene where Welkemi (Jeff welk playing a steve bsucemi side kick role) was extolling the virtues of Beta Quan (Alan's character, the lead) in the basement bar of a local frat (I was thinking the frat Sean ODF shot all his Dark Elysium eposides at). The scene was long and not so funny, and ended with Welkemi taken prisoner by the evil Desuche Ho.

Then i asked my friend Jonason Ho to help me flesh out the rest of the story. I planned for Beta Quan to wander around portland searching for an upcoming nine inch nails concert, and be attacked while he snuck in. The credits rolled over a short dream sequence. Then BetaQuan woke in chains hanging next to Welkemi in a dungeon. A TortureQueen (played by Kim) in black latex was to harrass them and cover them in drugs, in preparation for an upcoming series of fights.

Then they were dumped in an arena and attacked by a series of strange characters (multiple clones of Shawn Waldow, ODF in full wacky "badass" mode, etc.). Alan fought while Welkemi had bizzarre hallucinations. Deusche Ho oversaw the fights from a balcony spot.

Finally the torture queen revealed herself to have changed sides due to her love for alan's character, and was slain by Deusche Ho as she set alan and Welkemi free. Alan dashed after Deusche Ho and they had a climactic confrontation on the roof of a local building. It was funny. trust me. and weird.

All in all it was a cool script and i was excited to attack it.


In the end we ended up spending nearly 2 years shooting scenes for alan's dream sequence. So, as with the first, this skit was basically random shit with crack head images. I'm glad it's over. and wondering what to do next. Here is the script for what ended up in the movie. Well, more than that ended up in the movie, since jonason wrote some more dialogue to flesh out the footage. I'm not sharing the bits that didn't get taped (from the "serious script") in case we do them as the third installment.

Technical Commentary

We drove up to Portland a couple summers back. Alan and paul and clarissa had a bad time in their car. Jack and I had a good time in Jack's truck. We parked near Powell's books and shot some random shit. We broke out the random props/costumes and tried to stick to shooting images from jonason's dream sequence. After a while we drove down to the burnside bridge, and shot a bunch of increasingly strange footage of alan at the fair. Paul and clarissa between two statues. etc. i lost track of the script and just started shooting random shit. The highlight of all this crap has got to be alan walking up to the raised burnside bridge. Just a striking image that i love (which is used over the end credits in the movie. hopefulyl get a screencap up here this week...).

I still intended to use this as the simple dream sequence in a larger movie. But getting everyone together for the other scenes fell apart as the cast of alan's show started moving away. Then Bravado Ent had some personal probs, and things just fell apart. bleh. So it was hard to get the interest to work on this.

1 year later.

Hey, i had a tape of weird footage from portland. Had to do something, so I started working with jonason to edit it into ... something. Many months were spent getting jonason down from portland to edit the footage. he started off on this great "the Limey" style of crazy abstract editing that i really dug, but had trouble understanding, so i waited for him to show up to work on the project. He could only come down on random weekends, so this took a while. Ended up with a short sequence (4 minutes) that was used at the beginning of the flic (of jack and clarissa playing patty cake, etc.). I added paul and clarissa's scene to it, and we dubbed it off so the editor could be fucked with.

months pass

Then I found myself spending a lot of time taping things for Gauntlet 216, so since we had a 'crew', I decided to shoot some more stuff to frame up and finish the bastard child that is Karate Pate 2. So, we shot additional scenes of alan walking through an alley in corvallis (to complete jonason's dream sequence script), and then fighting the bum/rat he meets in the alley played by jack (to add some action). Alan had a bad allergy attack during the parking lot fight scene i remember. sigh. So i'm sure he's grateful we made him swim through grass face first.

Anywayyyy, Jonason ended up editing the alley and fight scenes together, and a 10 minute sequence of footage from my vacation in Big Sur (which i seem to have... lost. sorry dude. saving it for "summer sets").

I got tired of waiting for jonason's visits and decided to just finish the damn thing. went back and threw in a lot of footage from the fair that i was missing. then went back and heavily re-edited everything. wee.

written 1999
All in all i'd say i spent about 5 weeks total working on this video (spread over 2 years). ... I'm glad it is finished.